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Preconfigured QBRs

Maximo 7 offers a powerful, end user query tool called Query Based Reporting (QBR). Most applications in Maximo have been outfitted with this feature allowing users to choose the data to be reported on (e.g., work orders completed yesterday, purchase orders created today, inventory, etc.) and to select the attributes (e.g., work order number, description, status) about that data that is important to them. From there, they can print the results or download them to a spreadsheet for additional formatting and analysis. There are, however, limits to the out-of-the-box capabilities. In some instances, data in subtables can't be accessed and reported on. In other instances, data can't be summarized effectively. Our Pre-Configured QBRs resolves those problems and makes all Maximo data available to end users for reporting.

Key Benefits:

  • Uses Maximo's built-in QBR functionality.
  • Allows all users to drill into any data in Maximo.
  • Goes beyond the built-in QBRs by allowing users to query on sub records instead of main records. For instance, you can drill into selected PO line items instead of just POs.
  • Easy to implement. No time-consuming build-ups and deployments of reporting objects.

Contact us for more information about our Preconfigured QBRs.

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