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Through our on-going partnership with Asset Partners, we are proud to offer you a series of innovative functional and technical enhancements to Maximo. As described below, each product is designed to enhance and supplement Maximo functionality.

Data Archiving

With Archive Pro™, you can easily and quickly archive your Maximo data and store it safely in an archive database. The Archive Pro wizard guides you through the process and lets you tailor it to meet your sytem performance goals, data retention policies or regulatory requirements. Designed specifically for Maximo, Archive Pro provides benefits and features that no other archiving tool can offer. more

Label Printing

With LabelPro™, you can easily create high quality labels from within Maximo. Maximo generates the labels with a single click for single Maximo records or groups of selected records. To add smart labeling capabilities to Maximo with LabelPro, simply specify the address of your network label printer (such as a Zebra, Eltron, or Toshiba label printer) and customize the label templates for each type of label that you want to generate, including bar codes if desired. more

PO Fax and eMail

With Asset Partner's AutoFax+Email™ for Maximo, you get the convenience of single-click faxing or emailing of Maximo Purchase Orders right from the Purchase Order application. No more time-wasting printing and hanging around the fax machine until order faxes go through. Now your buyers can simply select PO's to be transmitted and let Maximo take it from there. AutoFax looks up the vendor contact name and fax number or email address, generates the PO documnent using your template report format, and communicates with your local fax server or an internet fax service, or sends the email directly. more

Maximo System Compare

With Asset Partner's Configuration Pro™ you get an affordable yet must-mave diagnostic and configuration management tool for Maximo 5, 6, & 7! Configuration Pro makes it easy to create and archive snapshots of your Maximo configuration and to identify and report on differences between any of your Maximo installations or between the same instance over time. This means there is no longer any need to keep a manual record of your configuration changes to Maximo as this will never be more accurate than Configuration Pro. Configuration Pro analyzes over 800,000 different pieces of configuration data to identify even the smallest difference between your Maximo databases, such as between Test and Production. You can specify whether you want to analyze and compare all configuration settings or just certain types, such as screen definitions, relationships, domains, tables and fields, MEA definitions, workflows, indexes and keys, class extension references, and many others. more

Record Key Changer

With Asset Partner's Record Key Changer for Maximo, you can safely and easily change your existing location codes, equipment or asset numbers, and other key values. You can change codes individually or supply SQL-based criteria and transformation masks to mass update any number of records in one step. Example uses include adding or removing prefixes to key values, removing unwanted characters such as dashes or spaces, or changing any parts of intelligent codes to reflect organizational naming convention changes. This handy tool automatically determines all updates that need to be made for each change (typically more than 50 table/columns must be synchronized) based on your data dictionary to ensure that data integrity is maintained. more

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