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In addition to the broad range of Maximo services that we have provided to our customers for 15 years, we also offer software that is designed to enhance and extend Maximo functionality. Those products are summarized below. To learn more about any of them, please contact us.

EZ Maximo

Maximo's out-of-the-box user interface can be complex and difficult to navigate and understand, especially to newer users and to users who only use Maximo periodically. The Work Order Tracking application's main page, for example, has over 70 fields in which you can enter data. Except in the most demanding, specific circumstances, only a very small subset of those fields are ever populated. While Maximo provides mechanisms (e.g., Application Designer) to redraw screens, that process can be time-consuming and often takes resources away from your other implementation efforts. To address those issues, MMSI now offers EZ Maximo, a collection of easy to install, pre-customized application screens that will address the requirements of almost all Maximo users. more

Pre-Configured QBRs

Maximo 7 offers a powerful, end user query tool called Query Based Reporting (QBR). Most applications in Maximo have been outfitted with this feature allowing users to choose the data to be reported on (e.g., work orders completed yesterday, purchase orders created today, inventory, etc.) and to select the attributes (e.g., work order number, description, status) about that data that is important to them. From there, they can print the results or download them to a spreadsheet for addition formatting and analysis. There are, however, limits to the out-of-the-box capabilities. In some instances, data in subtables can't be accessed and reported on. In other instances, data can't be summarized effectively. Our Pre-Configured QBRs resolves those problems and makes all Maximo data available to end users for reporting. more

Data Archiving

This product, from Asset Partners, allows you to archive your Maximo data in an archive database. Its wizard guides you through the archival process and lets you tailor it to meet your system performance goals, data retention policies, or regulatory requirements. It is designed specifically for Maximo and provides benefits and features that no other archiving tool can offer. more

Integrated Label Printing

This product, from Asset Partners, allows you to create high quality labels from any Maximo application. Maximo generates the labels with a single click for single Maximo records or groups of selected records. To add smart labeling capabilities to Maximo, simply specify the address of your network label printer such as a Zebra, Eltron, or Toshiba label printer) and customize the label templates for each type of label that you want to generate, including bar codes if desired. more

PO Fax and eMail

This product, from Asset Partners, offers the convenience of single-click faxing or emailing of Maximo Purchase Orders right from the Purchase Order application. No more time-wasting printing and hanging around the fax machine until order faxes go through. Now your buyers can simply select PO's to be transmitted and let Maximo take it from there. The PO Fax and eMail product looks up the vendor contact name and fax number or email address, generates the PO document using your template report format, and communicates with your local fax server or an internet fax service, or sends the email directly. more

MMSI - IBM Maximo Consulting, Services, Training, and More