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Maximo Upgrade Services

Upgrading from an older version of Maximo to a newer version can appear to be and often times is an overwhelming task. MMSI has upgraded every version of Maximo to every newer version of Maximo, from version 4.x to 7.5 and has the experience, capabilities, and resources to ensure a smooth and orderly transition to the newer version. Whether you have decided to upgrade because your current version is no longer supported or because you want to take advantage of features offered by a newer version of Maximo, MMSI can help you, as we have with dozens of other companies.

There are two main approaches and strategies to upgrading Maximo. The first is to use IBM-supplied upgrade utilities to upgrade your database. The second is to install the new version of Maximo and then manually migrate selected or all components from the older version. Which approach to follow is dependent upon your current Maximo environment and your long term goals for your new Maximo environment. For example:

•  Do you have multiple, independent Maximo databases that need to be merged into one?

•  Are you changing database platforms?

•  Is your current Maximo environment highly customized?

Answers to questions such as these guide us in selecting which path to follow. Regardless of the path followed, we, at MMSI, have standardized our upgrade approach and employ that standardized methodology in every upgrade project. This ensures consistent, successful, and superior results in every upgrade.

To learn more about how MMSI can help you with your upgrade, please contact us.

MMSI - IBM Maximo Consulting, Services, Training, and More