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Maximo Report Writing Services

No product on the market today, including Maximo, comes equipped with every report needed by end users. Almost every organization requires something above and beyond the canned reports that "come with the package". Using BIRT, Maximo's KPI Manager, and Maximo's Query Based Reports (QBRs), MMSI's reporting experts have developed both simple and complex reports for almost every need. Where needed, we can also use such tools as Actuate, SQR, and Crystal Reports.

We also offer turnkey, off-site report writing services to those organizations that wish to receive assistance in generating database reports. This service can be used to accelerate your Maximo implementation or upgrade project by providing temporary report-writing assistance to your staff.

MMSI will work closely with you to define and build the reports you need. Once developed, those reports can be made accessible to you directly from within your system. If you have a report that you would like developed, send us an e-mail that describes the report. When your request is received, we will ship you a prototype (i.e., sample report) along with a time and cost estimate to fully develop and deliver the report to you.

Remember, delivering reports isn't just about developing reports. MMSI provides the following Maximo reporting services to our clients:

•  Evaluation of existing reports against reporting requirements.

•  Reports design and development.

•  Conversion of reports between different reporting tools (e.g., Actuate to BIRT).

•  Developing KPIs or providing data results sets through alternative reporting methods.

•  Identifying the most effective ways to retrieve meaningful data from Maximo on a case-by-case basis.

•  Providing reports training to end users, developers, administrators, and managers.

Contact us today to discuss your reporting needs.

MMSI - IBM Maximo Consulting, Services, Training, and More