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Maximo Implementation Services

If you are considering the purchase and deployment of Maximo, consider using Maintenance Management Solutions for your implementation needs. The consistent and superior quality of our implementation services is the cornerstone of the strong relationship that we forge with each of our clients. Every member of our implementation services staff is dedicated to your success because helping your organization maximize the benefits that Maximo promises is our overriding goal. While each implementation project that we conduct is tailored to our clients' needs, we offer a highly structured, phased methodology as illustrated below.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with your implementation of Maximo.


I. Project Initiation →  II. Discovery →  III. Design →  IV. Build → 
Kickoff meeting Business process review Design Workshops Server Infrasture Build
Project plan Gap Analysis Workflow Analysis and Design Maximo Install
Core Team assembly Data Source Review SOP Development Maximo Configuration
Product Orientation Initial Data Mapping Data Mapping Customization
Training Strategy New Requirements Reports and KPIs
Cutover Strategy Security
Workflow Development

V. Data Engineering →  VI. Testing →  VII. Training →  VIII. Startup
Legacy Data Migration System Integration Testing End User Training Execute Cutover Plan
Integration Framework Data Migration Testing System Administrator Training Data Migration
Data Load Development Performance Testing Report Developer Training Go Live
Data Testing User Acceptance Testing Stabilization
Cutover to Production Testing Post Implementation Review
MMSI - IBM Maximo Consulting, Services, Training, and More