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Maximo Configuration Services

More than any other system in its class, IBM Maximo is highly configurable, customizable, and adaptable. With very few exceptions, it can be molded to fit your requirements. Built-in tools and applications such as Database Configuration, Application Designer, Conditional Expression Manager, Automation Scripting, and others allow you to modify and configure not just the user interface but also base functionality. Java class extensions - fully supported by IBM - can be also used to manipulate Maximo business logic to support a requirement that is unique to your environment. Other customization methods, external to Maximo, are also available and can be used when the built-in methods fall short - SQL triggers and stored procedures, for example.

MMSI is uniquely qualified to assist you with this process. Not only do our technicians have the development skills needed to extend Maximo's functionality, they also have the business knowledge required to determine how to best implement your requirements within the Maximo framework.

We have worked with countless organizations to make Maximo do what some thought was impossible and what others have failed to do. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you to make Maximo fit your needs.

MMSI - IBM Maximo Consulting, Services, Training, and More